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Inspiration for my lifestyle work comes from my personal journey as a wife, mom, creative and business owner.

 A glimpse into my personal, curated lifestyle content can be viewed below: 


Aside from my personal journey, I also document "work"on via my digital journal and via the curated feed below :


"When disecting the core of these scenarios, I correlated them to personal content and/or similar ideals that have been documented in the past. Looking forward to curating the exact content anticipated to meet this project's expectations."




Photoshoot D: Busy Professional

He is married with kids and shares household responsibilities with his wife. He is an account manager at one of the firm’s in east coast. He is usually busy with his work and home responsibilities, which makes him miss a baseball games or swimming routine. He is up to date with technology and like to use his camera for capturing his family legacy to create his own story of who he is and where he came from.

Scenarios like his home get-togethers with family, family outing, historical city tour.



Sample Content

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Photoshoot C: Photo sharing mom

She is a mother of two girls and spends most her time balancing between work, parent teacher meetings and helping with homework. She is not highly tech savvy but has learned to rely on technology to make her life simpler. She spends her day cooking dinner, managing household activities, drives kids to and back from extra-curricular activities. She likes reading books or watch movies with family. She is full time employed earning $40K/month and usually stays efficient with her spending.

Scenarios like her kids first day at school, soccer game/practice, pictures of picnic with kids, birthday party. Some pictures to be taken from a high end phone.

Sample Content

Real life casting to be scheduled.




Photoshoot A: The Kindle Granny

The person featuring in this photoshoot is a 56 year old woman who has worked for 40 years and is now retired. She loves spending time with her grandkids. She aspires to pick up a hobby and spend time with family and friends in her free time. She enjoys collecting photographs of her four grandkids and may take a photography class sometime soon. She is a nature lover and enjoys sharing her love for nature with her grandkids.

We are looking at capturing scenarios like Grandmother taking photos of grandkids in the backyard, feeding them produce from the garden, enjoying an evening with friends at the park, thanksgiving with family.


Sample Content



Photoshoot E: Millennials & Apple Family    

They are a young (29 -31 years) married couple with no kids. They are working full time with a total family income of $75K. They stay in rented apartment and switch jobs too easily. The couple enjoys buying new tech products, hang out with their college friends and enjoy getting involved in new activities. They are socially very active and

Scenarios like selfies with friends at a party, hiking experience, rowing experience,pictures at restaurant, solo selfie in different moods and places, snapchat videos and photos

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