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Vanessa Boy

Documentary Wedding | Lifestyle Photographer

Q & A


Describe your artistic style :
Story telling is second nature to me and I'm keen on details. This means you will get relevant moments with purpose, moments that will allow those that were not present, to feel every vibe from your day. Mom and dad will get that image to add as a screensaver to their new smart phone and grandma gets that portrait to add to her wall of grade school portraits. All that time you spent stressing and choosing the details, there will be artistic proof of that.

What inspires you?
As cliché as it may sound, love. My career developed from a need to document real moments and details from our family's personal travels, celebrated milestones, frequent donut dates and dino hunts. As the years flew by, I quickly realized that the images were the only way I could hold onto time for just a bit longer. The love that inspires me personally, developed into a heartfelt passion that now inspires me to document love stories and capture key moments on one of the most pivotal days in the story of your love. 

What do you love about weddings?
Connecting with new friends, seeing their visions come to life and documenting my new friends as they commit to loving each other, FOREVER. 

What's your travel policy?
Florida is home, the world is where I roam! I totally took it to that level of cheesiness and I made it rhyme. Sooooo yeah, let's talk about how we can take this show on the road!



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