Priscilla Lawin | Ahava Project | Orlando, FL

Meet Priscilla. Six months into her new marriage, April 2014, Priscilla was diagnosed with breast cancer. On May 2014, Priscilla underwent surgery and had a bilateral mastectomy. After the surgery, doctors confirmed that a PET scan showed the cancer had not spread to any lymph nodes or any other part of her body. She was cancer free at that point. 

In May 2015, she felt a lump where her breast used to be. She immediately saw an oncologist and they recommended a sonogram which revealed it was a suspicious mass. She had two options: conduct a biopsy of the mass or have it surgically removed and then do the biopsy after the surgery. She opted for the surgery. A few days later the pathology report came back as positive. She had reoccurring breast cancer in her chest wall and it was affecting skeletal muscle. At that point another PET scan was recommended and when the results came back, the oncologist revealed that she had multiple nodules in both of her lungs meaning that the cancer had spread to her lungs and is now considered stage 4.

Priscilla is on an oncologist recommended 12 month regimen of aggressive chemotherapy. It consists of 3 different chemo drugs called Taxotere, Perjeta, and Herceptin. Each drug is provided intravenously, so she had a port surgically installed in the upper left side of her chest. She goes in for the chemo treatment once every 3 weeks. During a typical chemo session she checks in at around 9AM and checks out around 4PM so it takes about 7 hours altogether. This doesn't include the toll it takes on her body both physically and emotionally.

Priscilla deserved a break from the monotounous routine and together, with a group of amazingly talented ladies, we prepared a day to make her feel like the queen that she is. While her husband was at work, Mia (from Joybound Apparel) and I made sure she was prepped to greet her husband once he joined us.  Our hearts are full with being able to provide memories for them both.  It's always amusing to me how I go into these experiences prepped and willing to give all I can and I somehow end up receiving the biggest lesson.  Priscilla is the sweetest soul and her smile is truly contagious. She is proof that we have the ability to make a conscious decision to live each day positively regardless of what we are going through. 

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