Change4Change |Enzo & Larissa| Orlando, Fl

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of coming together with Melanie (stylist from to help make one of Enzo's wishes come true. Melanie styled him and his twin sister Larissa and I snapped away in hopes to put together a comp card to give him a head start on his dream to become an actor.  

Once we wrapped up our session we were joined by CHANGE 4 CHANGE Orlando, a local group of students who make it their responsibility to encourage and bring change to those who need it most. They came together and donated some memory making gifts to the Grande family. 

His journey to this point hasn't been the easiest, but you would never know of the battle he's endured behind his contagious smile.  Enzo is a fighter who currently is in remission. His battle with childhood cancer consumed the first few years of his life and his parents, Elaine and Vincenzo along with his sister Larissa are determined to make the rest of his life count. 

To read more about childhood cancer and how you can make a change visit here: