In My Skin | Jen Lumiere

Orlando Fashion Blogger | Vanessa Boy Photography |


Adversity is inevitable, but the lessons learned while being faced with the opposing forces often prepare you for the greatest chapters of your life.  Love yourself enough to value your worth. Trust yourself enough to allow silent progression to be your voice. Value yourself enough to never trade your dignity for the sake of mere acceptance. Negativity, decrease in keen relationships you once embraced, the words spoken vaguely in effort to get you to stumble, the cutting actions meant to deeply wound your spirit.... they all play an important role in preparing you to be immersed in a pool of incomparable blessings.  Those playing into the games... nothing but pawns in the grand scheme of your ultimate success. Pray that they conquer the fiend of their insecurities before it consumes their entirety.  Celebrate your uniqueness, bypass the judgments, disregard the efforts to intimidate, find freedom in letting go of what does not breed life and continue to illuminate the lives of others with the glow from the unique light of your own soul.  

In the midsts of what seems to be a dark and lifeless place, new life sprouts. 

Model: Jen Rivera