Amanda & Justin | Wedding | Lake Mary, FL

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Every bride has a certain vision of their wedding day. It can range from a celebration with hundreds of invites, an intimate gathering with your nearest and dearest, to a ceremony in a remote place with just you two.  I could go on and on about the technicalities (lighting, organized agenda/planner etc) and key details that help a wedding day go by smoothly, but the one thing you must always keep in the forefronts while planning is that it is YOUR day.  Amanda and Justin wanted an intimate moment to celebrate with those that mean most. They didn't stress certain details and at one point Amanda just kicked of her shoes for the day without any worry, because that is what she wanted to do. Stay true to who you are, stay true to your love story and make sure your day speaks to the uniqueness of the love story you guys have already begun building.

Here's a peek into Amanda and Justin's day.