Lifestyle Maternity Session On the Beach | Video

As a child, when I thought of the day I became a parent... I didn't understand what unconditional love was, I didn't know it would mould itself into being the sweetest part of my existence and I wasn't aware that it would change my life indefinitely. If you would have told me to prepare for my heart to grow 10 times bigger, I would've laughed and probably said you were exaggerating. But it does, it did. Capturing these sessions is the most genuine extension of my heart as a mom and a parent. I am grateful I have the chance to experience unconditional love first hand and honored to have the opportunity to capture that for other families. 


Family Lifestyle Session | Vanessa Boy Photography | |final.jpg
Lifestyle Family session | Florida Beach |
Family lifestyle session | Florida Beach | Vanessa Boy |

Going forward, you can now request the addition of video to your lifestyle sessions <3  <3IIGoing forward

Music in video by: All The Bright Lights - Click here to download