Tony & Nicole | Surprise Engagement | Orlando, FL

Surprise Engagement Session | Orlando, FL | Vanessa Boy |

Imagine being all dressed up and ready to head to dinner on your anniversary and your boyfriend receives a call from his dad saying that he stopped by to do some things in the new home that you guys recently purchased (and are in the middle of massively renovating) and there is a massive leak, there is water running everywhere and you have to rush to the home to somehow make it stop. Well, that's the call Tony received. So instead of driving to dinner they detoured to go help Tony's dad, but what awaited Nicole was not exactly the flood she anticipated.........

Surprise Engagement | Orlando, FL |

Instead, Nicole walked into a home flooded with the people she cherishes most witnessing what would now be one of the greatest memories in the love story between her and Tony. Congrats you two!! xo